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How to Create Stylish Wall Art With Origami Quilts

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What You’ll Need


  • 1 sheet Square sheet of paper at least 5.9 x 5.9 inches (15 x 15 centimeters)
  • Glue (optional)


  1. Fold the Paper in HalfStart off by folding your paper in half, from top to bottom and from left to right. This creates four equal sections. Next, fold the left and right edges in to meet the central crease, fold well. Unfold the previous step. Now fold the top and bottom edges to the central crease. Unfold again. Origami Quilt Artwork Tutorial 01
  2. Fold the Corners to the CenterFlip the paper over to the other side and fold all four corners to the very center. Make these creases as neat as you can. You may also want to use a bone folder to make your creases sharper. Fold all four of the points out from the center as shown. Open out the sides and flip the paper back over to the other side. Origami Quilt Artwork Tutorial 02
  3. Flatten the CreasesBring all four diagonal edges towards the front. All of the creases have already been created–you are simply flattening them together. Once all of the sides are collapsed, make sure to straighten out the creases. Next, fold the flaps behind. Begin on the bottom right section, folding one of the flaps over. Origami Quilt Artwork Tutorial 03
  4. Finalize the CreasesFold the corner of the flap back to the diagonal crease, and then flip the flap back over to its original position. Do this same process to all of the flaps, using a bone folder or the side of your fingernail to finalize the creases. Origami Quilt Artwork Tutorial 04 TipYou can make as many of these little squares as you like, placing them next to each other to create very large pieces of artwork or make some small placemats using only four of them.

Display Your Origami Wall Art

Here is an example of how to display your origami wall art once it’s finished. Using larger sheets of square paper to start with will be quicker to obtain this size, and give the art a bold and minimalist look. Alternatively, if you have more time and patience, using smaller sheets of square paper (and using lots of them) will result in a very intricate and luxurious look.

Origami Quilt Wall Art
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